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Open joy

Open Joy is our open play time for children aged 1-6 years old. Open Joy is unstructured play lead by guardians. Coaches are not available to supervise children during session. Guardians and children will have the ability to explore our space and have access to all of our equipment and props.​ Some days will be closed due to holidays or low enrollment, please pre-register or email before arriving!


  • Membership is required to participate in Open Joy sessions

  • You may sign up for an Open Joy session by purchasing and applying Punch Passes or emailing in. 

  • If you enroll using Punch Passes but are not currently members, annual membership will automatically be charged to your account in the amount of $40 per child.

  • Once you have purchased your Punch Passes you can sign up by going to your account, under each child click “Passes”, select your desired date and time.

Pricing & schedule

Annual Membership= $40/child

Single Session Punch Pass= $20/child

Five session Punch Pass= $75/child

Ten Session Punch Pass= $100/child

Times available (starting Oct 17th):

Tuesday 11:15am-1:15pm

Thursday 1-3pm

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